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  • Surgical Instruments Sets
  • DOUBLE DRILL SLEEVE 1.5mm / 1.1mm, For 1.1mm And 1.5mm Drill Bits And Tap For 1.5mm Cortical Screws
    DOUBLE DRILL SLEEVE 2.7mm / 2.0mm, for 1.5mm and 2.0mm drill bits and tap for 2.0mm cortical screws
    DOUBLE DRILL SLEEVE 3.5mm / 2.5mm, for 2.0mm and 2.7mm drill bits and tap for 2.7mm cortical screws
    DOUBLE DRILL SLEEVE 4.5mm / 3.2mm, for 2.5mm and 3.5mm drill bits and tap for 3.5mm cortical screws,
    DOUBLE DRILL SLEEVE 6.5mm / 3.2mm, for 3.2mm and 4.5mm drill bits and tap for 4.5mm cortical screws
    UNIVERSAL DRILL GUIDE 3.5mm, for 3.5mm cortical screws and 3.5mm, malleolar (shaft) screws and 2.5mm
    UNIVERSAL DRILL GUIDE 4.5mm, for 4.5mm cortical screws and 4.5mm, malleolar (shaft) screws and 3.2mm
    DRILL SLEEVE 3.2mm, 4 1/2" length, with 40mm long tip for 3.2mm drill bits for round hole and semi-t
    DRILL SLEEVE 3.2mm, 5" length with 60mm long tip, for 3.2mm drill bits for round hole plates
    DRILL GUIDE 2.0mm neutral and load end, 4 3/4" length, for 2.0mm drill bit and for 2.7mm cortical sc
    DRILL GUIDE 2.5mm neutral and load end, 5 1/2" length, for 2.5mm drill bit and for 3.5mm cortical S.
    DRILL GUIDE 3.2mm neutral and load end, 6 1/2" length, for 3.2mm malleolar (shaft) drill bit and for
    PARALLEL DRILL GUIDE AND DRILL SLEEVE 2.0mm three holes & one hole for drill bits
    INSERT DRILL SLEEVE 3.5mm/2.7mm, for 2.5mm drill bits and for long 3.5mm lag screws
    TAP SLEEVE 4.5mm, 5" length with toothed tip and tissue protector sleeve for 4.5mm tap
    INSERT DRILL SLEEVE 4.5mm/3.2mm, for 3.2mm drill bits and for 4.5mm lag screws
    TAP SLEEVE 4.5mm, 6" length, for 4.5mm cortical screws
    TAP SLEEVE 3.2mm, 4 1/2" length
    DOUBLE DRILL SLEEVE 2.0mm / 1.5mm